Give Your Old Android Smartphone New Android L Look

New Android L (Android version 5.0) is soon to be released. As of now only the developer edition has been released. It is expected that in the fall 2014, new Android phones in the market will come with Android L installed. While this is good news, the people who have just bought the Android KitKat or Jellybean based phones may feel a little sad. Even though some of the KitKat phones can be upgraded, you can make your older Android smartphones to look like Android L using some free apps:

1. Android L Keyboard
The new Android L has a sleeker looking keyboard. A developer named Sheyne from UK has taken the code from the original developer preview edition of Android L and turned it into an installable app for other Android versions. The installation of this keyboard is similar to any other Android keyboard and guides you through enabling and setting it as default. It supports gesture typing and emojis which can be pulled by long-tapping on the Enter key.

Android L Keyboard

2. Android L Launcher
The first screen that you see in your Android smartphone after unlocking it, is the launcher screen. The launcher has changed a little bit in Android L, but you can have an almost similar launcher using the Epic Android L Launcher. If you are using Android KitKat, then you will not notice much of a difference, but for Jellybean users it can be a different experience.

Android L Launcher

3. Android L Wallpapers
Android L wallpapers can be downloaded from the given cloud storage link. It contains ten wallpapers for the Android smartphone. Most of them are abstract in nature but some of they are natural pictures like flowers and balloons.

Android L Wallpapers

So if you cannot upgrade your existing Android smartphone to Android L because of hardware restrictions or you do not want to upgrade and just want to see how Android L is going to look like, then you can use the above mentioned apps to make your Android smartphone look a little like Android L. These apps do not require root access and are available on Google Play Store itself.