Never Miss Important Calls Again with Essential Calls Lite for Android

When you go to attend an important meeting, you usually turn off your mobile phone so as not to disturb the proceedings of the meeting. The reason is obvious – it is rude if someone is speaking in the meeting and your mobile starts playing the ringtone at a loud volume. But some of the calls are of urgent nature and you do not want to miss them. This is where the free app Essential Calls Lite comes in. This app can reject all the calls accept the ones you choose to receive. This is great when you do not want to be disturbed but at the same time are expecting an important call from a specific phone number.

After the installation of this app, the first thing that you have to do is add the phone numbers that you want to always receive the calls from. You can select the phone numbers from your existing phone book in Android or you can manually add a custom entry by entering the name and phone number.

Essential Calls Lite for Android

Once you have added all the phone numbers that you want to receive the phone calls from, you can tap on the Activate button to activate Essential Calls Lite. This will put your mobile phone in silent mode, but when you receive a call from any number listed in Essential Calls Lite, it will play the ringtone of the phone. At the end of the call, your phone will automatically switch back to the silent vibrate mode. In the options, you can choose whether you want to put the phone in silent mode or vibrate mode when Essential Calls Lite is activated.

Essential Calls Lite for Android

Essential Calls Lite can be deactivated by tapping on the Deactivate button once. This will stop Essential Calls Lite, put your smartphone back into the regular ringtone mode and you will receive all calls as usual.

Essential Calls Lite for Android

Conclusion: Essential Calls Lite is an essential application for those Android users who often have to put their phone in silent mode, airplane mode or have to turn it off so that they can avoid phone calls when they are busy. Essential Calls Lite lets important calls reach you even when the phone is in silent mode, so that you do not miss any essential phone calls.

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