HDD Guardian Monitors HDD and SSD Health in Windows

The most important part of any computer is its memory storage whether it is a hard disk drive (HDD) or the new solid state drive (SSD). All your data is stored on these and if something happens to them and they stop working, then you may end up losing all of your data. This is why it is very important to keep a regular backup of your data as well as keep a close watch on your hard disk’s health. The backup would be useful if your hard disk crashes, while knowing the status of your hard disk’s deteriorating health may forewarn you of the impending data loss threat.

It does not take much to check your HDD or SDD health in Windows. You can use the tools like CrystalDiskInfo or HDD Guardian to view the health status of your hard disks in Windows. While the CrystalDiskInfo shows a list of technical values which could be difficult to understand for most of us, the HDD Guardian tool gives all the information in plain English so that you can comprehend everything clearly without having to finish an engineering course.

HDD Guardian has to be run with administrator privileges (right-click on its program and select Run as administrator) so that it can access all the data for checking your HDD or SSD health. It displays all the internal storage devices (internal hard disks or SSDs) as well as the external storage devices (portable hard disks, portable SSDs) in a neat list. You can see the device name, device model, temperature, interface, remaining life, and the storage capacity for each of these.

HDD Guardian

Under the Manage section, you can see even more information about all the storage devices, their health status, SMART attributes, etc. You can also modify the SMART settings, manage acoustics, and power for any of the devices (some of the devices do not support these features).

HDD Guardian

Under the System section, you can see all the storage devices and their partitions and volumes. This is useful if you want to figure out which of the partitions belongs to which of the hard disks or SSDs on a system having multiple storage devices. You can also view the general information about the PC like the details about the processor, graphics card, physical memory etc.

HDD Guardian

Conclusion: The HDD Guardian software gives you detailed information about the attached storage media on your Windows PC. It can show the model, make, capacity and the health status for your hard disk drives as well as the solid state drives.

You can download HDD Guardian from http://hddguardian.codeplex.com/.


  1. I tried this software and it almost killed my machine (win7). Had to reboot with operating disc & then do a repair to get it back. This happened after I uninstalled the software.

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