Quickly Change Locales in Firefox with Simple Locale Switcher

Mozilla Firefox is a very flexible web browser. It gives the users countless ways to customize the features, behavior and the look of the browser through the add-ons. Although Firefox is available in many different locales (user interface languages) and you can download the Firefox setup installer with the locale of your preference, but if you speak or use more than two languages then Firefox also gives you to install languages packs so that you can change the user interface language any time you want. You can change the Firefox locale to any of the installed languages from the Firefox options, but the Simple Locale Switcher gives you a much faster way to change the locales right from the Firefox toolbar.

After the installation of the Simple Locale Switcher, you can go ahead and click on its icon in the Firefox toolbar. If you have installed more than one language packs, then they will be shown in the drop-down list and you can choose any one of them. After this, Firefox will be restarted in the new selected user interface language.

Simple Locale Switcher for Firefox

From the same drop-down menu, you can select Manage languages to open the Firefox webpage containing the list of the all the available languages packs. You can download and install these packs if you wish.

In the options for the Simple Locale Switcher, you can choose whether you want to display the FTP or HTTP version of the Firefox page containing the list of language packs. You can also choose if you want the language tag to appear in the Firefox toolbar.

Simple Locale Switcher for Firefox

Conclusion: The Simple Locale Switcher extension for Firefox can help you quickly switch from one to another user interface languages without having to go through the Firefox settings. If you have to work in dual languages environment, then this extension can turn out to be of immense use for you.

You can download the Simple Locale Switcher extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-locale-switcher/.