Save Printer Ink, Toner and Paper Costs with GreenPrint World

One of the tricks that printer companies use is that they offer cheaper multi-function printers (the printers that can print, scan and copy in the same unit), but when you go for buying their ink cartridges or toner cartridges then charge you with exorbitant prices. For example, black and color ink cartridges replacements for the Canon printer that I have, cost almost the same price as the printer itself. Because of so high prices of the inks, toners and the printing paper, everyone wants to find a way to cut down their printing costs. If you also want to save your printing costs, then you can use the GreenPrint World software for Windows.

GreenPrint World lets you edit out any document before it is sent to your printer. You can remove various elements of the document that is about to be printed in order to save the ink, toner or paper used. The GreenPrint World software comes in both the 32-bit and 64-bit varieties and you should choose the one fit for your version of Windows.

After the installation, the first thing that you should do is to change GreenPrint World settings and set it as your default printer. You should also choose a target real printer that would actually print the documents on the paper.

GreenPrint World

Now you can try printing from any Windows application be it Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Windows Notepad, Adobe PDF Reader, MS Paint or your web browser. But this time, you have to select GreenPrint as your printer in the printer dialog before you click on the Print button.

GreenPrint World

This will display the GreenPrint preView+ window where you can edit the document that is about to be printed. You can remove text, remove images, or remove the whole page from the document. You can also save the edited document as a PDF file. The more items you remove, the less your printer would have to print – resulting in reduced costs of ink, toner and paper consumed. In this window, you can choose the number of copied to be printed and a real printer to print them. Finally clicking on Print button will print your edited document.

GreenPrint World

Conclusion: GreenPrint World is a simple but effective solution if you want to cut down your printing costs. It allows you to edit out the elements that are unnecessary in a document and thus reduce the cost incurred on printer inks, toners and paper consumption.

You can download GreenPrint World from