Fidelizer Optimizes Windows for Better Audio Playback

The true music lovers usually sneer at the prospect of listening to the music from audio CD’s and MP3 files. They prefer the classic vinyl LP’s that reproduce the highest quality sound close to the original performance. But vinyl records are not only hard to find, they are also a little expensive in taste. What if you could optimize your existing computer system for a little better quality music playback? The free Fidelizer software can do exactly that. It can optimize your Windows PC for smoother audio playback. This would be a compromise between the high quality music reproduced by the vinyl records and the cheap music quality coming from your non-optimized Windows PC.

Fidelizer is a standalone portable program that can tune up your Windows PC for smoother audio playback. It has many optimization levels that cater for people with different requirements. The Workstation optimization is for general purpose audio playback. Network streaming optimization increases the process priorities for networking components so that faster streaming can be achieved and the audio playback does not halt in the middle. The Audiophile optimization boosts the priority for system processes as well as networking services. The Extremist optimization applies all the possible optimizations. You can also customize the optimizations as you see fit.


Clicking on the Fidelize button will apply the optimizations and start enjoying music after this. But for better performance, you should use music players like foobar 2000 as suggested by the Fidelizer application itself.

Conclusion: If you enjoy listening to the music on your Windows PC, then you can use the Fidelizer application to tune up Windows for better audio playback. It stops certain services and boosts audio process priorities so that more resources are available for audio playback.

You can download Fidelizer from