GPU Shark Monitors the GPU Activity in Real Time

When I bought my first gaming PC many years ago, I invited all my friends over and showed them my new computer. We installed many demo games and tested these games for hours. I was telling everyone about the power NVidia GPU that this PC had and how smooth the video performance was. But later on I realized that some of those games were not even using the GPU to its full, instead they were pushing the CPU to its limits. So how would you tell what exactly is happening inside your computer’s GPU and how well it is performing? Actually, you can use the GPU Shark tool developed by the folks at Geeks3D and monitor all the activity of your GPU chip in real-time.

The GPU Shark program is a portable Windows application that you can run without having to install anything on your Windows PC. The program does not require any action on your part and it starts monitoring your GPU as soon as it is launched. It displays the number of GPUs you have on your system, their temperatures, fan speeds, core frequencies, voltage level, power consumption, and the GPU usage.

GPU Shark

It will also display the OpenGL or OpenCL support for your GPU chip along with all the basic information about your system hardware like the BIOS, motherboard, CPU, installed RAM and so on. You can open the OpenGl/OpenCL versions tool from the Tools menu to see the version of these technologies supported by your GPU. You can even submit your data to the Geeks3D database.

Conclusion: The GPU Shark is a very small and portable utility that lets you monitor your GPU performance in real time. It can show you the GPU temperature, fan speed, clock frequency, power consumption, GPU usage and more. It can be a handy tool when diagnosing GPU related problems.

You can download the GPU Shark utility from