How to Pair Android Device with Youtube on Smart TV

Just like the Smartphones, the Smart TV is getting popular and is becoming the first choice of families. You can think of the Smart TV as a big interactive device capable of running apps, browse the websites and connect to other devices over WiFi, HDMI and USB interfaces. Although most of the Smart TV sets come with Youtube apps of their own (and if they don’t come with Youtube app pre-installed, then they allow you to install it from the settings), but you can have most of the Youtube video watching by pairing your Android device to your Youtube app on the Smart TV. This way whatever video you play on the Android device, it is streamed on the Smart TV as well.

In order to pair your Android device with Youtube on your Smart TV, you can follow these simple instructions:

  1. First of all go to the Settings section of the Youtube app in the Smart TV. Then press the Pair button shown on your screen using your TV’s remote control.Android Youtube Pairing Smart TV
  2. The Smart TV screen will display all the instructions on how to pair the TV with a mobile device. Basically, it will show a nine digit code that you have to enter in your mobile’s Youtube app.Android Youtube Pairing Smart TV
  3. Open the Youtube app in your Android device. Open Settings and then select Connected TVs section. Here you can enter the nine digits code that was shown on your TV screen in the step 2 above.Android Youtube Pairing Smart TV
  4. Alternatively, you can also touch the small camera icon and scan the QR code shown on your Smart TV screen. This will fill the nine digit code automatically in the Youtube app.Android Youtube Pairing Smart TV
  5. Tapping on the small Add button will pair the Smart TV and your Android device together. Now whatever you play in your Android device’s Youtube app, it will also be streamed to your TV’s screen.

You can view all the paired devices in the Youtube app on your TV. If later you want to remove the connected devices, then you can also do that from the TV’s Youtube app. Similarly, you can remove all the connected TVs from your Youtube app in your Android device.