How to Perform Online Nandroid Backup in Android

The Nandroid backup is a complete backup solution for Android smartphones. It creates a backup copy of everything from user data, app cache, dalvik cache to the system ROM. But the problem is that it is run only from the recovery mode of Android and not the manufacturer supplied recovery mode, but through the TWRP or Clockwork recovery that you have to install yourself. If you do not want to reboot your Android phone into the recovery mode every time you want to perform a nandroid backup, then you can use the Online Nandroid Backup app to perform the nandroid backup.

The Online Nandroid Backup app requires two things – first your Android device must be rooted and second, you must have installed BusyBox on your Android device. If you have not installed BusyBox (which also needs your device to be rooted), then Online Nandroid Backup gives you a link to install it from Google Play Store. If your Android is not rooted, then you can try using the Kingo Root to root your phone.

As the Online Nandroid Backup app launches, it asks you to set default backup settings. Here you can choose the backup name, type, mode, locations of your device to backup and the save location. You can also choose not to backup the dalvik cache and Google Music downloads.

Nandroid Online Backup for Android

After this you can choose the Quick Backup from the Online Nandroid Backup app screen to perform a quick backup using the default settings. You can also choose to customize the backup if you want to backup using non-default settings. When the backup is complete, it will show the backup location and the log.

Nandroid Online Backup for Android

In case the backup completes in only one second or fails, then you should try changing the shell from Online Nandroid Backup app settings. If this does not work, then you can also switch shell from the BusyBox settings.

Conclusion: If you are thinking of making changes to your Android smartphone, then it is essential that you create a full and complete backup of your Android device using the Nandroid backup. The Online Nandroid Backup app allows you to create the nandroid backup while still running the Android OS, so that you do not have to reboot into the Recovery mode.

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