How to Reload CSS Without Refreshing Webpage in Firefox

The Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS in short) is the magical code that runs behind all websites to give them the look and feel that you can see in your web browser. The CSS files are linked inside a webpage and when loaded, they render look and the format as described in various rules inside these CSS files. Now you can imagine what would happen if the CSS files fail to load for some reason on a webpage. The webpages would look bare and plain without the CSS loaded properly. Although you can reload the whole webpage all over again and it could reload the CSS files embedded in the webpage, but why reload all the page when you don’t have to? You can just reload the CSS files instantly using the CSS Reloader extension for Firefox.

The CSS Reloader extension is also immensely useful for the web developers, bloggers and web designing students. They can experiment with different settings in the CSS files and reload them instantly without having to wait for the entire webpage to reload over and over again.

After the installation of the CSS Reloader extension in Firefox, it adds a new right-click context menu item. So whenever you want to reload the CSS files on a website, you can right-click anywhere on it and select Reload CSS. You can also use the F9 hotkey for reloading the cascading style-sheets much more conveniently.

CSS Reloader for Firefox

One of the local ISP’s here, is injecting its own code in the webpages which sometimes results in failing of the CSS files to load properly. This strips all the formatting and look from webpages. But using the CSS Reloader extension, one can easily reload the CSS quickly without having to reload the entire webpage. The following screenshot shows how the CSS Reloader helps reloading of the CSS files and makes the Wikipedia pages appear properly in Firefox.

CSS Reloader for Firefox

Conclusion: You can instantly reload the cascading style-sheets without reloading the webpage in Firefox through the CSS Reloader extension for Firefox. This is very productive for the web designers and students alike as it can save both the time and the bandwidth used up in re-downloading the entire webpages.

You can download the CSS Reloader extension for Firefox from