How to Show Hidden Password Fields on Websites in Firefox

There are so many online accounts and passwords associated with them, that it has become a daunting task to remember them all. And it becomes more painful when the websites ask you to enter the password in the masked text fields (where an asterisk or a circle appears when you type a character). Wouldn’t it be much more easier to type the long and difficult passwords if the sites didn’t use masked password fields and used a plain text field instead. With the help of the Show/hide password extension for the Firefox browser, you can easily toggle any masked password field into a regular text field at the click of a button.

After the installation of the Show/hide password extension in your Firefox browser, you have to restart the browser and after that it would be ready to use. Now when you visit any webpage that uses a masked password field, you will see a small red colored Show button next to the password field. Clicking on this Show button would switch that password field into a regular text box and will not mask the typed characters anymore.

Show/hide passwords in Firefox

But websites use the masked password fields for a reason – to hide the typed passwords from the snoopy co-workers and passersby who can read the password overlooking by your shoulder. (Actually one time in a cybercafe, a teenager boy tried to read my password by standing behind me stealthily.) So owing to these reasons, if you want to toggle the password mask on again, then you can click on the Hide button next to that text field.

Show/hide passwords in Firefox

Conclusion: The “Show/hide password” extension makes it easy to type password conveniently by changing the masked password fields into regular text fields on a webpage. It can also switch the text fields back to the masked password fields if you find a co-worker trying to snoop over your shoulder.

You can download the Show/hide password extension for Firefox from