How to Add, Edit and Switch Users in Google Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome browser offers a unique and easy way of adding and switching to many different user profiles from within the current web browser window. Although other web browsers also support the ability to create profiles, the switching to a different user profile is a very difficult task to achieve in them. But Chrome makes is as simple as it can be. You can add more than one users, switch to any of these user accounts at your will, edit these accounts and delete them when not needed.

If you want to create a new user account in Google Chrome, then you have to type in chrome://settings/createProfile in the address bar of the Chrome browser. A new window is opened where you can choose a picture and name for the new user. There are options to create a desktop shortcut for the new user. When you launch Chrome from this shortcut, Chrome opens up with the respective user profile already selected. After the creation of the new user profile, it is automatically selected and a new Chrome browser is opened.

Manage Users in Chrome Browser

If you want to edit an already existing user in Chrome, then you can type chrome://settings in the address bar of Chrome browser. Then you can scroll down a little bit on the settings page to find the Users category. Here all the users in Chrome are listed and you can select any of these users and click to the Edit button to change the user name or picture. You can also delete a user if desired.

Manage Users in Chrome Browser

After you have added more than one user in Chrome, it starts to show the picture of the current user in the top-left corner in the Chrome browser window. In order to switch to a different user, you can click on the user picture and choose one of the users in the list that is shown. You can also add a new user from this menu.

Manage Users in Chrome Browser

Conclusion: Using different users in Chrome is a good idea if you share your computer with other members of your family. By having a different user account in Chrome for each of the family members, you can keep the bookmarks, themes, personalized settings, browsing history etc., separate for everyone.


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