How to Boost Java Security Settings in Windows

Java is everywhere and many applications are designed using this powerful language. Moreover, many of the websites also make use of Java to offer engaging content. For running applications and applets written with Java, you have to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your Windows PC. Since Java is so popular and widely used, it is also a well known target for the cyber criminals. In order to thwart attacks designed to make use of the known or unknown Java vulnerabilities, you should set JRE in your Windows PC to use the highest level of security settings.

Here is how you can set Java to use the highest level of security settings in a Windows PC:

  1. First of all you have to open the Control Panel. In Windows 7 and earlier versions, you can type “control panel” in the Start Menu search and open it from there. In Windows 8 and later, you can use the hotkey Win+X and select Control Panel from the administrative menu.
  2. In the Control Panel window, type java in the search box to look up for the Java related settings. When Java icon appears, click on it to open the Java Control Panel.Java Very High Security
  3. In the Java Control Panel, switch to the Security tab. In this window, it would show two security levels – high and very high. You can select the Very high security level to boost Java security settings.Java Very High Security
  4. Click on  the OK button to save the settings.

Conclusion: Java has become one of the repeated targets of the cyber-criminals and if you want to stay on the more secure side when using the Java based applications or websites, then it is essential that you use the highest level of security settings for Java. You can make the Java much more secure by just using the very high level of security settings in Java. And it takes only a few seconds to change the security level in Windows.