Cell Info Display Shows Your Current Address Instantly in Android

When it comes to find the present geo-location using Android, everyone thinks of the popular Google Maps. And sure enough Google Maps can show you everything from your current location to a map of your surroundings and even more. But what if you do not want all that detailed information and want only a simple address for your current location? In that case, you can use the Cell Info Display app for Android smartphones. This app makes use of the GPS information, information from the cellphone towers and Google Maps API together to pin-point your location and tells you your possible address in simple text format.

The Cell Info Display app asks you to enable the GPS in your smartphone upon first launch because without GPS the location will not be very accurate. Even when the GPS is turned on, you should try to stand outside in open space holding your smartphone without any hindrances like buildings for better accuracy.

The Cell Info Display combines GPS data, cellphone tower data and data from the Google Maps to find out your latitude and longitude coordinates and shows them in the app. Based on these coordinates, it shows your current address in the pink color. The accuracy of the address displayed is very impressive. Although the app updates the address every few minutes automatically, you can toggle the app off and back on to update the location manually.

Cell Info Display

Although the app seemed to work for me in only one place, it fails to work in other places. Sometimes the location field keeps showing “loading” text only instead of the address. In addition, the app may not work at all in some countries.

Conclusion: Cell Info Display app shows your current location address automatically in Android. This is useful when you want to instantly find the address of the location where you are standing.

You can download the Cell Info Display app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.virtual.applets.cellinfodisplay.