How to Delete Your Line App Account

The Line app in Android, iOS and Windows can help you communicate with other Line users through free phone calls and text messages. You can also buy call credits to make calls to regular phone numbers and send them text messages in the Line app. But if you have switched to some other app for some reason and want to get rid of the Line app, then merely uninstalling it from your smartphone will not be sufficient. You should also first delete your Line account prior to uninstalling the app. By deleting the Line app, you  make sure that nobody will be able to contact you through your Line profile in future,

Here is how you can easily remove your Line app account (in Android smartphone):

  1. Launch the Line app in your smartphone and switch to the More section, then select the Settings from under the More section.
  2. When the Settings screen opens up, touch the Profile option which allows you to modify various aspects of your Line profile including the user ID, display name and so on.Delete Line Account
  3. On the Profile screen, scroll down the list of options and touch the last option labeled Delete My Account.
  4. A final warning screen would be displayed informing you about the result of deleting your Line account. You can touch the red colored button Delete My Account to finalize deletion of your Line account.Delete Line Account

Conclusion: Deleting your Line app account is very easy and gets rid of all the chat history, credit purchase history and the friends list. It is a good idea to make a backup of your friends’ list over the Line account before you delete your Line account.