How to Disable Automatic Updates for Internet Explorer 11

Automatic updates in Windows is a great feature to keep various components up-to-date and patched from the known vulnerabilities. But some of the users prefer to take all the control of updating their system in their own hands, and manually download the updates from the Microsoft website. I personally like to wait for a few days to pass after Microsoft has released the updates to avoid any buggy updates as some of the problematic updates may cause unexpected problems in Windows. For example,a few months ago, an update for Windows 8.1 actually caused BSOD (blue screen of death) in some computers. This is why I disable Internet Explorer automatic updates and manually download them every month myself.

If you want to disable the Internet Explorer 11 automatic updates, then you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all launch the Internet Explorer 11 from one of its shortcuts in Start Menu, desktop or the taskbar.
  2. In the Internet Explorer window, click on the gear-like icon and then select About Internet Explorer in the menu that pops out.Disable Automatic Updates in Internet Explorer 11
  3. This will cause a small window to show up displaying the currently installed version and updates for your copy of Internet Explorer. You have to uncheck the checkbox labeled Install new versions automatically to disable the automatic updates.Disable Automatic Updates in Internet Explorer 11
  4. Windows will show up the UAC prompt, after which the automatic installation of newer updates versions of Internet Explorer 11 is disabled.

Conclusion: Disabling automatic updates for Internet Explorer 11 is very easy. If you do are in the habit of installing the updates manually or use a local network server to update all the computers, then you can disable auto-updates for Internet Explorer 11.