CM Security is One Stop Security Solution for Android

Cheetah Mobiles is a mobile apps company that is more popular for their Clean Master app for Android than anything else. But they also offer a fantastic security app that provides all the desired features in one bundle – malware protection, app locker, call blocking, phone locater, memory booster, junk cleaner and more. All these features make the CM Security for Android an essential to have app for all the Android users. Even if you have some other security software installed, CM Security can still be installed as it can easily work alongside other security solutions.

CM Security app launches with a big circular scan button – the blue background may turn red if it detects some malware or other dangerous item on your smartphone or tablet. You have to tap on this Scan button so that it can start scanning your device for malware, privacy settings and junk files.

CM Security for Android

If it finds something on your device, then you can tap on the Resolve All button to fix all the detected issues. On my Android smartphone, it detected router IP addresses ( as “Adult” sites which was very surprising coming from such a reputed company. After cleaning all the threats, it shows a message that “No threats remaining”.

CM Security for Android

All the other features of the CM Security app can be accessed from the app menu. You can scan your SD card for malware, scan for junk files, lock apps with a pattern, block calls and more. You can also access the app settings from the same menu. In the settings, you can schedule scans,  enable malicious website protection, auto-update definitions etc.

CM Security for Android

There are two main features of the CM Security suite – the app locker and the phone boost. The App Locker, as you can guess, allows you to protect your apps from being used by anyone other than you. The locked apps have be unlocked using a dot pattern before they can be used. The Phone Boost feature boosts your smartphone instantly by closing down running apps that could be consuming system resources and increasing the CPU temperature.

CM Security for Android

Conclusion: The CM Security from Cheetah Mobile is a one stop security solution for Android. It can provide malware protection, memory boost, junk cleaning, call blocking, app locking, phone locating and many other features to your Android device.

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