R-Updater Keeps Software Up-to-date in Windows

Staying up-to-date is very important if you want to stay safe and secure from the various threats that you may encounter online. When you update your Windows operating system and all the installed programs in it, then it protects you against the vulnerabilities that could be present in the older versions. You can use the Windows automatic update service to install the latest patches for it, but for the third party software you have to pretty much install every new version yourself manually. The free software R-Updater can help you out if you are trying to update the third party software by checking for the new versions of all the software in one go and downloading the latest versions.

R-Updater is available as both a installable program as well as a portable version. The portable version is slightly larger in size but can be used without having to install anything on your Windows PC. You can also keep the portable version on any USB disk and use it on any Windows PC that you or your friends have.

Upon launching, it automatically scans your system for all the installed software and subsequently checks for their updates versions on the internet. It checks both for the final release versions of the programs as well as their beta versions. You can select one or more of these programs for which updates are available and click on the Update button to start the update process which basically involves the downloading of the new versions and installing them.


When R-Updater scans your system for the first time, it creates a software list for your Windows PC. Under the Software List section, you can see this list of scanned software, rescan your system or add a missed software program manually yourself to be monitored for updates.


In the Settings for the R-Updater, you can choose the program to be automatically started, check the programs for updates at Windows startup, choose to hide or show various programs that do not have new updated versions available and more.


Conclusion: If you are looking for keeping your Windows PC up-to-date, then you can try the R-Updater utility. This simple tool can check the third-party software for latest versions and install them automatically.

You can download R-Updater software from http://www.r-tt.com/update_software/?SOWCN000.