Stop Repeated Annoying Alerts on Webpages with AlertStopper for Firefox

While browsing through different websites on the Internet, sometimes we encounter sites that seem to use the alert() and confirm() functions in javascript a little bit more freely. Seeing so many alert dialogs on a webpage can make anyone annoying and usually it does make you a little irritated at such websites. Unfortunately a similar technique is also used by malicious websites when they fake messages to an unsuspecting visitor. In the Chrome browser, there is an inbuilt protection to disable such repeated alerts on any webpage. But if you are a Firefox user, then you can use the AlertStopper extension to add the same functionality in Firefox too.

The AlertStopper extension for Firefox can add a special option to all the dialogs and prompts generated by any webpages if they generate more than one such dialogs. It works for the dialogs created using the javascript functions alert(), prompt() and confirm().

After you have installed the AlertStopper extension in your Firefox browser, try visiting a webpage that causes multiple annoying alert dialogs. For the first alert, prompt or conform, you would see a normal dialog. But for subsequent dialogs, you would see an option to prevent that page from creating further dialogs. Using this option, you can tell Firefox to disable alert(), confirm() and prompt() functions for that webpage.

AlertStopper for Firefox

AlertStopper extension does not have any options. It just keeps monitoring all the webpages whether they are loading more than one of these dialogs. If you want to turn off the blocking of annoying dialogs, then you will have to type about:addons in Firefox address bar and disable the extension from there.

Conclusion: AlertStopper extension for Firefox can prevent repeated annoying dialogs on webpages. This is very useful if you visit sites that make extensive use of the javascript alert(), confirm() or prompt() functions to grab your attention.

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