Change Music Tracks in Android by Shaking the Phone

Yesterday when waiting for my bus to come, I looked at a girl who was listening to music on her smartphone. She was shaking the phone now and again. At first I thought that she is just enjoying the songs and shaking to the beat. But soon I realized that she was shaking only to change the songs. Every time she shook the phone side to side, the song changed. My Android smartphone does not have such a feature in built, so I searched Google Play store and found some shake-and-change-track apps. Of all of these, the “Next Track on Shake” app was really useful and worked as advertised.

Next Track on Shake

You can also add the shake to change track functionality using the “Next Track on Shake” app. This app has nothing much to be configured. Soon after the installation is complete, the app is ready to be used. You can play music using the stock Android Music player and then try to shake your phone from side to side to change the track. This app does not seem to work with third party media players like ES Explorer’s in built music player.

If the app does not work as expected, then you can configure the speed sensitivity or shake sensitivity. The shake sensitivity determines how hard you have to shake the phone to change the track. The speed sensitivity determines how fast you have to shake the phone to change to the next track in the playlist. These options are available via the “Next Track on Shake” app settings.

Next Track on Shake

Conclusion: The “Next Track on Shake” app can add the shake-to-change-song feature to your Android smartphone, if it does not already have this feature built inside. This app is very small and does its job well with the stock Android Music player.

You can get the “Next Track on Shake” app for Android from


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