ElfYourself : Turn Your Friends into Dancing Elves

Festive season is here and the Christmas day is approaching us every day. During the holidays when you have nothing much to do, you can have tons of laughter by turning all your friends or family members into elves and making them dance. Yes, this is possible through the fun filled little app called ElfYourself. Imagine how much fun it would be when all the family members are gathered around the decorated Christmas tree, you are snapping their pictures and making them dance as cute little green elves.

Designed for the Android smartphones, the ElfYourself app is very easy to use and can make you roll down on the floor laughing like crazy. It has all the elements of being a fun filled and family friendly app. To start with the elf creation, you have to use a picture of one or more of your friends. You can use pictures stored on your phone or take fresh pictures using the camera in the phone.


Next, you have to move, rotate and zoom the picture so that the face in your friend’s picture fits the elf costume. You can use two fingers to rotate or zoom the picture and one finger to move the picture around. The dotted red line should come on the mouth of your friend’s face in the picture. It is better to use a front facing picture for this compared to pictures where your friend is looking at an angle.


The ElfYourself app will work just with one elf, but you can add up to five different elves. You have to touch the red colored Another Elf button and the elf-adding process starts all over again. If you want to complete start over, you can touch the small Clear button on the top to remove all the elves that you have added so far.



When you have done adding the elves (they are not really elves, they are your friends), you can touch the green Let’s Dance! button and it will show you a dance video with all the elves dancing around in different locations and on the beats of cool music. You can take snaps of the dance video, but you cannot save the video itself.


Verdict: If you want to have some fun and laughter with your family and friends, then you should definitely try the ElfYourself app this Christmas season. It is going to burst you and your loved onces into laughter for sure when you see all of them dancing as cute little elves wearing green costumes.

You can get the ElfYourself app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.officemax.magicmirror.ElfYourSelf.

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  1. But you can’t remove your face from the site if somebody uploads it without permission, as far as I can see.

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