Enable Smart Gestures in Android Smartphone

So I saw this guy moving the palm of his right hand over the screen of his smartphone and wondered what is he doing. Having an inquisitive nature, I inquired into the matter and found out a new feature in th Android – Smart Gestures. Android being an open source operating system, this feature is not available in all the Android smartphones. If this Smart Gestures feature is not available in your phone, then you may have to try out one the apps on the Play Store. But if your phone comes with Smart Gestures feature in-built, then you can enable it from the Android settings itself.

Smart Gesture in Android


Here is how you can toggle the Smart Gesture feature in Android:

  1. First of all you have to open the Android Settings in your smartphone. You can do this from home screen menu (press menu key on the home screen and choose System Settings) or from the App drawer.
  2. On the settings screen, you have to select Smart Gesture from the System section. This option both enables/disables and controls various gestures.Smart Gesture in Android
  3. On the Smart Gesture screen, toggle the On/Off switch to turn on the Smart Gesture feature. After this you have to enable individual gestures from the list to enable each one of them.Smart Gesture in Android
  4. There is also a quick help/tutorial section in the Smart Gesture screen that can tell you in detail what each of these gestures does. For example, you can lean that Upset Speaker feature turns on speaker phone mode during a call if you put the phone facing down.Smart Gesture in Android

Conclusion: If your phone has the smart gestures feature in-built, you can make use of this wonderful way to control your phone and make it take various actions to save time and keep things simple. However, if your Android phone is missing this feature, then you can always try Google Play Store for hundreds of apps that may add the smart gesture feature quickly to your phone.