How to Make Any App Autostart in Android

My sister Caroline turns off her Android smart phone at night before going to sleep and then switched it back on in the morning to avoid any work related distractions. But in the morning she must check her mail as soon as she turns on the phone once again. Although opening the GMail app is not such a hard work to do, but she asked me if I could suggest even a faster way and make GMail auto-launch as soon as the phone starts up. This is when I mentioned her about the Autostart app for Android using which any app can be auto-started in Android.

If you are also looking for a way to auto-start one of the apps for any reasons of your own, then you can also use the same Autostart app. The app is very simple and straightforward – you have to add all the apps that you want to auto-start and toggle the Autostart app into the enabled state.

Autostart App in Android

You can toggle the Auto startup on or off  from the on/off button and  use the Add button to add the apps that you want to be auto-launched. Even though you can add as many apps as you want, it is not a good idea to add lots of apps. You can also choose a start delay, and next app delay. It can also show a notification at the boot up and you can decide whether to switch back to Home screen or stay on the launched apps.

Autostart App in Android

Imagine, you turn on your phone and your email client automatically fetches your latest emails, your web browser opens up your favorite stock or news site, or the media player starts playing your favorite video as soon as you start Android – so many things are possible through this app.

Conclusion: Autostart app gives you a quick way to set any app of your choice to be automatically launched at Android startup. It also lets you decide the time interval between launching each of the apps.

You can download the Autostart app for Android from