How to Quickly Apply Themes in Mozilla Firefox

One of the main reasons why Mozilla Firefox has become so popular is the flexibility it provides to the user to customize and add new features through the thousands of themes and extensions available online. Until now if you wanted to change the theme for Firefox, then you had to go through the menus and options to choose and apply a theme. But with the latest version (version 34), Firefox has now made it very easy to choose, apply and install new themes in Firefox. Now you can preview and apply the themes through the customization interface of Firefox.

You can follow these simple steps to install new themes, preview them in Firefox or apply the new themes:

  1. Click on the settings icon (it looks like three horizontal lines, some people also call it burger icon) near the right corner of Firefox window. Then click on Customize in the menu that opens up.Firefox Themes
  2. In the Customize Firefox screen that opens up, you can click on the Themes button near the lower edge of the window to choose one of the themes recommended by Firefox. As you hover the mouse cursor over these themes, a preview will be shown in the Firefox window. You can select any of these themes to download and apply them.Firefox Themes
  3. You can also click on the Manage button in the Themes menu to open a screen that shows you a list of all the installed themes and allows you to delete or apply them. Similarly, the Get More Themes button takes you to the Mozilla website where you can browse the themes and download the ones you like.Firefox Themes

Conclusion: The new version of Mozilla Firefox has made it very easy to download, apply and preview themes for the browser through the Customization screen itself. Its a great news for those people who found it very difficult to install themes in Firefox previously.