Quickly Toggle Titlebar in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox introduced its new interface called Australis earlier this year that made it look more like the Google Chrome browser. One of the things that disappeared with the introduction of Australis was the title bar in Firefox. Though the title bar is rarely used for any productive purpose, it is still used to display the title text of a website. Until the version 34 of Firefox, the users had no control over the disappearance of the title bar. But now you can toggle the title bar in Firefox at your will from the customization interface itself.

Here is how you can quickly toggle the title bar in Mozilla Firefox :

  1. Open Firefox browser and then click on the settings icon (it looks like three horizontal lines, some people also call it burger icon) near the right corner of Firefox window. Then click on Customize in the menu that opens up.Firefox Themes
  2. In the customize Firefox screen that opens up, you will see some buttons near the bottom edge of the window. You can click on the Titlebar button from these buttons to quickly toggle the title bar on or off.Toggle Firefox Titlebar
  3. The following screenshot shows how the title bar text appears when the title bar is enabled using the above steps.Toggle Firefox Titlebar

In general, most of the web sites use the title bar to display the website title, but some interactive websites can also use it to display some more useful information. For example, during online funds transaction, a banking site can display the progress status in the title bar.

Conclusion: If you are missing the title bar in Firefox that seemingly had gone missing after the Australis update for this popular browser’s user interface, then you can quickly turn it back on through the customization options present in the new interface.