Shape Collage : Create Photo Collages in Any Shape

Christmas is tomorrow and I am sure you are going to snap the memorable moments in your camera. You can have them printed at a professional printing shop or just save them on one of your online cloud storage accounts. But a more stylish approach is to create a collage of these photos and print them to hang the whole photo set on your walls. Thanks to the free Shape Collage software, now you can create the photo collages in any shape you want. The collage can be in the shape of a bell, circle, heart, cat or any other shape that you can draw.

Shape Collage is available in two versions – free and paid. The paid version has some extra features, but the free version works very well without any problems. In the Shape Collage window, you can start by dragging-n-dropping the picture files from your camera to the left side of the window. You should add at least 50 photos for the collage to make it look better.

The next obvious step is to choose a shape for your collage. You can choose one of the shapes from the right-side of the window. You can either choose the shapes given there or you can select More option and draw your own shape. You can also choose a size for the collage, size of the pictures, number of photos, and photo spacing – but it is best to leave all these options to default setting.

Shape Collage

You can also select some of the other options like choosing the collage background and choosing a rotation of the collage from the setting given on the right side. Once everything is set, you can click on the Create button to start creation of the collage. Pretty soon the collage is created and is visible on your screen. You can then click on the Save button to save the collage to your hard disk in form of a JPEG image which can be printed on any standard color printer.

Shape Collage

Conclusion: Shape Collage gives you a unique new way to create collages in any shape you want. You can easily create collages in the shape of heart, circle, letters, glass or any other custom shape you desire.

You can download Shape Collage from