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If you are a little shy, like I was a few years ago, and feel a little uncomfortable when talking with people outside your family and friends circle, then you can practice online talking with total strangers at Omegle. It is a online chat service of its own kind that allows you to chat with randomly picked strangers who are using Omegle just like yourself. You can chat using the plain text format or you can use the video chat – in either case, your identity is protected and nothing is revealed about you.

In order to start using Omegle, you can visit the Omegle site at They also have have an iPhone app but there seems to be no app for Android based phones. You can type in your interests in the text box, so that it can pick other random people having common interests – thereby allowing you to talk about something that you both like about. You can also choose either the text mode or the video mode for chatting.

Omegle Chat

In addition, there is also a college chat mode which is allowed only for college students. You have to type in your school, college, institute or university based email address to verify that you are really a college student.

During the chatting session, your name or any other information is not displayed, giving you complete anonymity throughout the chat. Your identifiable information is revealed only if you yourself do so (tell the stranger your name, email, facebook etc.). You can press Esc key 2 times to terminate the chat session and then find a new stranger to talk about anything you want.

Omegle Chat

Conclusion: Omegle is great for killing time, especially if you are a student. You can use it to chat with total strangers if you are getting bored, have nothing to do and do not want to go crazy just sitting by yourself.

You can visit Omegle at

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