Resetting TCP/IP Stack in Windows Easily with Reset-TCPIP Tool

Some of the malicious programs infect the TCP/IP stack in Windows so that you are left out without access to the internet even after repairing your PC and removing the malware. If the TCP/IP stack has become corrupted, then it needs to be fixed using special commands as we have already explained in one of our previous articles – Reset TCP/IP Stack in Windows. But if you want a quicker way to reset the TCP/IP stack among some of the other settings, then you can make use of the free Reset-TCPIP tool.

The Reset-TCPIP tool is a portable program that can quickly fix the TCP/IP and other settings in Windows without you having to type any of those weird looking commands in the command prompt.

In the main interface window of Reset-TCPIP tool, you can select the things that you want to be repaired. You can choose to renew IP configuration, clear address resolution protocol cache, reset TCP/IP interface, repair Winsock and also choose to reboot Windows in the end. Clicking on the Apply button will result in it performing all the selected actions. If it does not automatically reboot your computer, then you will have to reboot your PC yourself.

Reset TCP/IP

Reset-TCPIP tool has made it even easier if you want to apply all the actions in resetting the various settings. You can just right-click on the system tray icon of Reset-TCPIP tool and choose Reset from the menu that pops-up. That’s it.

Reset TCP/IP

Conclusion: If you are having difficulty connecting to various web sites and engaging in various online activities, then you can use the Reset-TCPIP tool to fix all the offending settings in Windows in a matter of seconds.

You can download Reset-TCPIP tool from