Sound on Click Extension Adds Clicking Sounds in Google Chrome

Sometimes, when browsing through the amazing world of the internet websites the web browser takes a little time to fetch the content of a website. This is primarily because of the sluggish web servers on which a website is hosted. But thinking that the web page is not loading because we haven’t clicked on the link, we keep clicking on it again and again – trying to click firmer every time. This type of unnecessary clicking only shortens the life your mouse and the site takes even longer to load. So what is the solution? How about we add clicking sounds in the web browser, so we know for sure when we have clicked on a link?

The Sound on Click extension for Google Chrome does exactly that. It plays sounds every time you click on a link, switch to a different tab, a web page is refreshed or loaded again etc. This way you are given an audible feedback of your clicking activities on the Chrome browser.

Sound on Click

After the installation of the Sound on Click extension in Chrome, you immediately start to hear the sounds as you click around various websites and load new tabs. In the options for this extension, you can choose to enable or disable the sounds being played when a web page is loaded or refreshed and the sounds that are played when you switch from one tab to the other.

Conclusion: The Sound on Click extension not only prevents the confusion whether you have clicked on a link or not, but also makes it an interesting and enjoyable experience to browser through different websites. It is a very productive and fun extension for all the Chrome users.

You can get Sound on Click extension for Chrome from

Update (12th August 2020): The extension has been removed from Chrome Web Store. As a simple alternative, you can configure your operating system to make a sound whenever you click using your mouse.


  1. Please build another app/extension having the same functionalities of Sound on Click extension for Chrome in Windows 10. Thanks

  2. Hi, Sound on Click Extension is not working & it gives the error “404. That’s an error.
    The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.”. What to do next. Thanks

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