How to Toggle Tab Menu in the Opera Browser

Opera has revamped itself completely after adapting to the modern standard and deciding to use the Blink web engine (the same engine as used by Google Chrome). These changes have made Opera one of the dominant browsers once again. The new version of the Opera has come up with a new feature enabled by default called “Tab Menu”. Although this feature was already present in Opera for some time, now it is enabled by default in the latest version of the web browser. This could prove to be very useful, but some people may find it annoying.

Toggle Tab Menu in Opera


If you do not like the Tab Menu being displayed in Opera, then you can easily disable this feature using the instructions below:

  1. Open the Opera web browser (make sure you  are using the latest version of Opera).
  2. Click on the red Opera button near the top-left corner of the browser and select Settings from the menu that opens up. Alternatively, you can also press the hotkey Alt+P to open the settings page.Toggle Tab Menu in Opera
  3. On the settings page, scroll down and find the section called User Interface. Under this section, uncheck the checkbox labeled Enable tab menu.Toggle Tab Menu in Opera
  4. In case, you want to enable the tab menu, simply check the checkbox labeled Enable tab menu. The changes are visible immediately.

Conclusion: Opera has enabled the tab menu feature by default in the latest version of the browser. While this feature is certainly very useful, it can be easily disabled very easily through the Opera settings.


  1. Unfortunately in the latest Opera, this is no longer a option to disable it 🙁

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