Touch It : Virtual keyboard for Touchscreen Windows Computers

Microsoft Windows started to offer full touchscreen support starting from Windows 7 and then in Windows 8. These versions of Windows include a virtual keyboard which is useful for Windows tablets where it becomes a little awkward to use a real physical keyboard. But the virtual keyboard built inside Windows (called On-screen Keyboard) is very limited and looks very dated. If you want more features and cool looks, then you can try the Touch It virtual keyboard instead.

The Touch It virtual keyboard works with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. It is loaded with features like numpad, zoom in, zoom out, sticky keys, multiple key functions, login screen keyboard, secure key functions, dictionaries, customizations and more. During the installation, you can choose whether you want to install extra dictionaries, disable the Windows’ own virtual keyboard or install the keyboard customization modules.

After the installation is over, the Touch It virtual keyboard automatically appears on the screen whenever a keyboard is required. You can also make it appear manually by clicking or touching the “T” floating graphic near the lower-right corner of the screen. In the following screen shot, you can see the Touch It virtual keyboard on the Windows 8 home screen.

Touch It Virtual Keyboard

You can access various options from right and left edges of the virtual keyboard. For example, you can toggle the numpad off or on, dock the keyboard and hide it, zoom in or zoom out, drag it anywhere on the screen and more.

In the settings of the Touch It keyboard, you can choose to automatically start it with Windows, display the keyboard whenever a keyboard action is needed, disable virtual keyboard automatically if you connect a real physical keyboard and so on.

Touch It Virtual Keyboard

Conclusion: Touch It is a virtual keyboard replacement for Windows. It works better than Windows’ own virtual keyboard and offers much better looking and flexible interface. If you have a Windows based tablet PC, then you should consider using Touch It virtual keyboard.

You can get Touch It virtual keyboard software from