Check How Many Touch Points your Android Screen Supports

Almost all the smart phones these days come with multi-touch touch screen. A multi-touch touch screen can register more than one points simultaneously when you touch it with your fingers (or stylus). For example, when you pinch to zoom a picture on your smart phone, you are using two touch points (one for each finger). Without multi-touch capability, the pinch to zoom feature won’t work. Many other apps require the use of even more touch points at the same time. For example, in the popular Android game like Dead Trigger require three touch points simultaneously to kill a zombie by hand.

But how would you know that how many touch points your Android screen supports? You can read the label on your phone’s box, but on the cheaper phones labels can be misleading. The only sure way to find more about the mult-touch support of your Android device is to test it yourself. You can use a freeware app like MultiTouch Tester for this.

Using this MultiTouch Tester app is even easier than using your phone. Just launch the app, and try to touch the screen with as many fingers as you can. You will be shown each of the touch points with a different color circle and a different number. Because you can touch only as many points as are supported by your touch screen, the count shown will be the maximum number of touch points supported.

MultiTouch Tester for Android

I found out that one of my phone (Wiko Bloom) supports only two touch points. While another Android phone (Elephone P3000S) supports five point touch screen, as you can see in the screen shot.

If you want to start over in the MultiTouch Tester app, then you can just touch the menu button and select Reset Touches to reset the touch point counter. This will bring the touch count back to one.

Conclusion: You can easily and quickly find out the number of touch points that your Android smart phone supports using the MultiTouch Tester app. It is a small app that can show you the touch points along with their maximum count using a beautiful GUI.

You can get the MultiTouch Tester app for Android from

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  1. how can i reduce my touch points? i currently using 5 touch points but i want to change it into 2 touch points only, thnk you i hope u can help me.

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