Error Lookup : Find Meaning of Windows Error Codes

So you are happily working with your regular Windows program finishing up your work, chatting with someone online, checking up latest on your social network or playing a computer game, and suddenly Windows hangs up showing you an error code like 0x000000075. The error code does not really mean anything to you and you are bewildered at this sudden interruption. Fortunately, if you note down this error code (or even better just take a snapshot), then you can look up that code later using the Error Lookup tool and find out what it really means.

The Error Lookup tool is a simple portable Windows program that allows you to search for error codes that you may have been shown by Windows, DirectX (games) or other programs. It can look for the codes relating to Windows API, NT Status (Native API), WinInet, Device Manager, STOP Errors (BSOD), RAS/VPN and the IP Helper library. It cannot show you information about error codes related to some third party applications that use their own error codes. For example, it cannot show information (or at least correct information) about Adobe Photoshop error codes.

In order to lookup the error codes, you can type the error code either in the decimal notation or the hexadecimal notation and it will quickly fetch you all the information it can find from various error code libraries. You can use this information to narrow down about what possibly is wrong with your computer or the programs that you are using.

Error Lookup

In the settings of the Error Lookup tool, you can choose the internal or external modules for which you want to see the error codes. For example,  if your favorite computer game is giving up an error code before quitting, then you may want to include the DirectX module to search for the error codes.

Error Lookup

Conclusion: Error Lookup tool is a handy utility to search for the description of those cryptic error codes that otherwise carry no meaning to ordinary users. Computer programmers can also find this tool helpful when debugging their programs.

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