Face Lock Apps in Android with Visidon Applock

Everyone knows how to use the Face Lock feature to lock or unlock Android smart phone by displaying your face to the device’s camera. If face is recognized, then Android is unlocked. But this inbuilt feature works to lock or unlock the entire phone or tablet. What if you just want to face lock some of the apps so that only you can use them? The free app Visidon Applock addresses this need and allows you to lock apps that need to be face unlocked before they can be used. You can lock some of the sensitive apps (for example, your online banking app) using the Visidon AppLock to prevent just about anyone from using them.

After installing the Visidon Applock app, you have to configure its settings. Basically, you have to enable the locking service, provide an alternative method to unlock the apps if face unlocking fails (typically provide with an unlock password), and obviously add your face through the face training section so that it can recognize you later on.

Visidon Applock

Once you have enabled the Visidon Applock locking service and have added one or more faces, it is all set to work. Now you can go to the Apps section and choose the apps that you want to be locked. All these apps that you select for locking will require face unlocking before they can be used by you. You have to show your face and if it recognizes your face, then it will launch the apps that you want to use.

Visidon Applock

Conclusion: Face unlock of apps in Android can be very convenient as you do not have to remember any passwords or codes. Just show your face to the camera and Visidon Applock will handle everything. This makes it very easy to lock down certain apps that you don’t want others to use behind your back.

You can install Visidon Applock from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=visidon.AppLock.