How to Find Possible Vulnerabilities in Android Devices

Android is an operating system software for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Like other operating systems, it can also have some vulnerabilities that a malicious app can use to gain root access and take over the device easily. For example, the Futex vulnerability (which is now fixed by Google) could give a malicious app root access. Not long ago, some security researchers found out about the Heartbleed bug and the Fake ID bug in Android. But how do you know if your Android device is vulnerable to such known security bugs? You can simply just use a vulnerability scanner app to scan through your system.

While there are many such apps that can scan your Android system for vulnerabilities, there are two apps that do it better than others – Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner and the Bluebox Security Scanner. We have already discussed Kaspersky Fake ID scanner before and that how it can tell you about the Fake ID, Master Key and the Heartbleed vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner

The Bluebox Security Scanner cannot tell you about Heartbleed bug, but it can scan your system much more throughly and tell you about the Masterkey and other bugs. It also shows you if your Android kernel is immune against some bugs. If you have enabled to install apps from unknown sources (using the APK files), then it is also considered a security problem.

Bluebox Security Scanner

From these two apps, you can have some basic knowledge of which different vulnerabilities your Android system affects from. With this information in mind, perhaps you will be able to keep yourself secure a little better in the future. For example, if you know that your system is affecting from Fake ID bug, then you can update Google Play Store to the latest version and install apps from Google Play Store only.

Conclusion: If you know which security flaws your Android device suffers from, then you can protect it better by avoiding certain type of apps. With the help of Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner and the Bluebox Security Scanner, you can know of such flaws present in your Android system.

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