Fix Google Playstore “No Connection – Retry” Error in Android

Sometimes when you want to install an app from Google Playstore in Android, you encounter a very strange error – “No connection – Retry”. Usually this error means that your device is offline and is not connected to the internet either through WiFi, USB tethering, or through the 2G/3G/4G cellphone data connection. But when this error keeps showing up even when you are connected online, then it becomes very annoying. You can access various websites in the browser on your Android, but Google Playstore fails to go online. If the error just does not go away even after a reboot, then you can follow these steps:

You would need the device to be rooted. If your Android device is not rooted then you can use Kingo Root for easily rooting it.

  1. Since your device’s Playstore is not working, you won’t be able to download any apps from there. You can download the Hosts Editor APK from and then side load it in your device. If you do not how to side load an app, then you can read – how to install apps from APK files in Android.
  2. Launch Hosts Editor app and select all the entries that have google domain names (e.g.,,, etc.). Then touch the Delete option from the top.Playstore Connection Error
  3. You will be asked whether you want to delete all the selected hosts entries. Choose Delete to proceed and remove them.Playstore Connection Error
  4. Reboot Android and now you should be able to access Google Playstore without any problems.

Conclusion: Some system optimizing apps can change hosts file to make quick connection to Google servers, but this can result in Playstore connection problems later on. By removing the hosts file entries for Google servers, you can make Playstore work once again.