Get Alerts in Android when Mobile Network Signal is Lost

How many times you take the phone out from your pocket and start dialing a number only to find out that you are not getting any mobile network signal? Then you start to wonder for how long you had no signal and how many important calls you must have missed. Usually the mobile phones including the Android smart phones do not give you any audible alerts when cell signal is lost – instead, they only show cross mark over the signal bars icon in the notification area. If you could know when the mobile phone loses the cell signal, you might try to move into an area with known good signal reception and keep receiving important messages or calls.

The free Android app NoSignalAlert can help you do exactly that. It keeps a close watch on the cell signal strength and alerts you in many number of ways whenever the signal drops to zero. On the NoSignalAlert screen, it shows the details for your SIM card like the service status, network type (CDMA or GSM etc.), signal strength and the number of times you lost the signal. It also shows a graphical meter with the signal strength in terms of ASU (arbitrary strength unit).

No Signal Alert for Android

In the settings, you can  make NoSignalAlert start automatically with Android and begin looking for changes in the cell signal strength. You can choose how it is going to alert you in case of signal loss – display alert message in the notifications bar, make an audible alert, blink the notification LED (if you have one in your phone),  choose notification LED color (does not work in all phones) and vibrate the phone.

Similarly, you can choose to be notified whenever your cell network signal comes back so that you can start making calls right away without waiting. The alerts for notifying you that the mobile network signal has returned are pretty much the same as the ones which tell you of signal loss.

No Signal Alert for Android

Conclusion: NoSignalAlert is a handy app that can notify you through a variety of alerts whenever your Android smart phone loses the network signal. This can be very helpful if you are expecting an important phone call or message and do not want to move in an area with poor network signal reception.

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