Jihosoft Eraser : Secure Deletion Tool for Windows

If you have some files that you do not want anyone to see but yourself, then you can encrypt them with tools like AXCrypt. But if you have some files that you do not want anyone to access in future including yourself, then you have no other choice but to securely delete them. The secure deletion tools like Jihosoft Eraser can help you delete your files securely by overwriting them first with random characters that make them totally irrecoverable. In addition Jihosoft Eraser can also overwrite entire disks, partitions and the free disk space.

As you launch Jihosoft Eraser, it shows a user interface with many different erasing options. You can choose to erase files and folders, add files to be deleted, select one of the secure deletion methods and click on the Start deletion button. The files deleted in such a way will become totally irrecoverable, so be little extra careful which files you choose to delete. Similarly, you can choose to erase a complete disk partition or the free disk space. You can choose to clear the MFT, clear MSN change journal, and overwrite slackspace.

Jihosoft Eraser

Jihosoft Eraser is not portable, but it is loaded with options for every Windows user who wants to delete their sensitive files securely. It supports five different secure deletion algorithms and can work with many different types of file systems.

Jihosoft Eraser

Conclusion: Jihosoft Eraser is free, secure data wipe software that can be used in Windows to permanently delete sensitive files. It is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP/NT, and supports many different file systems including HFS+, FAT12/16/32, NTFS, USF, XFS, EXT2/3, etc.

You can download Jihosoft Eraser from http://www.jihosoft.com/security/eraser.html.