Manage Battery Charging in Android with Plugger

One of the most wailed about woes for the mobile phone owners is that their battery is running out. And it happens more often than you can imagine. You are in the middle of a phone conversation and suddenly you hear the dreaded words, “Oh no, no charge in battery!” and then you hear nothing even after screaming, “Hello, hello, …”, multiple times into the microphone. For avoiding situations likes this, you should manage the battery charging in your Android device smartly using an app like Plugger.

Plugger is a free app for Android smart phones that continuously monitors your battery status and reports you of the charge level. It can also warn you if the charge has been depleted to a very low level. Furthermore, it can also tell you of nearby locations where you can go and connect your phone charger to a wall socket to recharge your battery.

If you have not connected your phone to a charger or USB port in a computer, then it shows you an estimated duration of time for which the battery can be used. While the battery is being charged, it tells you about the time left for fully charging the battery. You can touch Battery option in the Plugger interface to know about these details.

Plugger Battery Saver and Helper

Under the Battery screen, you can also see all the Running apps that are draining your battery. You can shutdown any of these apps that you think are not useful or not in use currently. Such apps can drain the battery without any productive output.

If your phone is close to complete battery charge depletion, then you can touch the Nearby option on the Plugger main interface. It will quickly display all the nearby places where you can go and charge your phone. For example, it showed me some Starbucks close to the place I was walking where I can just go order a coffee and charge the phone battery while enjoying the coffee.

Plugger Battery Saver and Helper

The charging and battery status is also displayed on the notification screen so that you do not have to launch the app every time you have to know about your battery charge. In the settings for the Plugger app, you can choose options for do not disturb time duration, low battery alert charge state, distance units and so on.

Plugger Battery Saver and Helper

Conclusion: Plugger goes a little beyond the basic battery saving app features and shows you the list of nearby places where you can charge your phone’s fast draining battery. This can be really useful when you are far away from your home in a different city.

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