Use WhatsApp in Windows with Waow Desktop Client

Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced their official Chrome app that enables everyone to access and use their WhatsApp account right from the Chrome web browser no matter what operating system their are using – they should only have Chrome web browser installed. But this obviously leaves out those people who do not use the popular Google Chrome browser (yes unbelievable but true) on their computers. For the non-Chrome crowd it is a problematic situation – they don’t want to install Chrome for some reasons of their own and still want to be able to use WhatsApp from their desktop or notebook computers.

For all such people, there is some new of relief – they can use Waow in Windows and Waom on a Mac. Waow stands for WhatsApp on Windows while Waom is an acronym for WhatsApp on Mac (this makes you wonder if a Linux version (Waol) will be released soon).

Waow (and Waom) is a desktop client for WhatsApp and can be run without having to install anything. Just download the appropriate file (waow.exe for Windows) and launch it. The program opens up with an interface exactly similar to the WhatsApp’s official Google extension. You have to scan the QR code using your smartphone and only then this desktop client shall work.

WhatsApp on Windows

Looking at the size of the Waow file, it appears that they have created a portable customized Chrome for the sake of WhatsApp only. Other than a system tray icon, it looks like a web browser window with address bar, menu bar and other things missing. Although it makes it much easier to manage the WhatsApp in Windows, but since it is essentially running on Chrome code, it can actually end up consuming much more system memory then needed just for using WhatsApp.

Conclusion: WhatsApp on Windows or Mac (Waow or Waom) is a simple WhatsApp desktop client. It works on both Windows and Mac and allows you to manage WhatsApp from the comfort of your desktop or notebook computer.

You can download Waow or Waom from