Cogi Records Voice to Take Notes in Android

New ideas are very unexpected and spontaneous. They do not come when you are thinking with all your might, but the moment you get up from your desk and step out of your office, suddenly they dawn upon you. Trouble is that in those moments of epiphany, you do not really have anything on your person to write them down. This is where Cogi fits in – it is an Android app that specializes in recording your thoughts and taking notes. No matter where you are – in a meeting, strolling outside for a walk, sitting in a park or even on a romantic date – you can just flip out your smartphone and start recording your thoughts before they disappear again into the oblivion.

Cogi is not like a standard voice recorder app in which you miss what the other person just said in a meeting if you do not hit the record button on time. But Cogi keeps last 15 seconds of audio data in temporary memory, so you do not miss anything important.

Cogi : Record Meetings, Thoughts, Lectures

In Cogi you have to start a session and in each session, it does not record unless you tap to highlight in the Cogi app. You can toggle recording on and off as many times as you please during a session which helps skipping the redundant information. In addition to the audio, it can also record the video and pictures and you can obviously add your typed notes to all the sessions. Long touching the circular button ends the session recording and saves it in the phone memory.

All the recorded sessions can be accessed from the Review section. In order to start listening to these previous recording, you can touch the play button next to them. The paid membership from Cogi allows you to have your recordings transcripted, uploaded to their cloud storage and more.

Cogi : Record Meetings, Thoughts, Lectures

Conclusion: Cogi makes it very convenient to record the discussions in a meeting or your own thoughts using any basic Android smartphone. It can record audio, pictures and video in addition to allowing you to add your own notes. It is an ideal app for professionals who can record the discussions in a meeting and the students who can record university lectures using this wonderful app.

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