CryptaFlix Encrypts and Password Protects Video Files

If you take a walk in the smartphone showrooms today, you will be surprised at the quality of the camera modules that come with smartphones. Some of the manufacturers are offering cameras in their devices of as much as 18 mega pixels resolutions. With such high resolution camera, who can resist to capture pictures and make movies. Sometimes we even end up making movies of private nature that are intended only for your eyes and perhaps those of your life partner. If you also have such movies, then you better encrypt them to prevent anyone else accessing them. The free software CryptaFlix can help you encrypt and password protect your movie collection with ease.

Although you can use just about any encryption software to encrypt your movies, but CryptaFlix specializes in movie encryption as it bundles a media player along with the encryption modules. It allows you to play the encrypted movies after you have supplied the correct password – as soon as you close the media player, the movie is  encrypted back.

You have to start by browsing the folder containing your movies through the tree view control in the CryptaFlix window. After selecting the target video files, you can click on the Add button in the toolbar, followed by the Encrypt button.


CryptaFlix uses strong AES 256 but encryption and it is mentioned in the password entry window. You will have to supply an encryption password, strength of which is displayed in the window itself. You can choose two types of target files – a CFX file that is associated with CryptaFlix program or a self-playing EXE file that does not CryptaFlix to be installed. You can also choose a thumbnail to be displayed for the encrypted file.


After the file is encrypted, you can simple double-click on it to enter the password and play it. Without supplying the correct password the file refuses to play. If you intend to share the encrypted file with others, then you can share the self-playing EXE version because it does not require installation of the CryptaFlix software.

Conclusion: CryptaFlix offers simple but powerful encryption for the movie files. It uses industry strength AES 256 bit encryption that is impossible to break in current times.

You can download CryptaFlix from