Remove Disinfection Tools with DelFix

After your PC becomes infected with some malware, first you try to take care of it by following various online resources but when you find out it’s hard to remove, then you ask the help of the professionals. Throughout the ordeal of malware removal from your Windows PC, you have to use a plethora of tools both for detection and the removal of the malware. Some of these tools are designed by reputed security firms while other tools are created by malware removal enthusiasts. But once your system has been cleaned and is working perfectly, then you do not need any of these tools and you can safely remove them.

The free DelFix software helps you get rid of all the disinfection tools that you have used to clean your PC off malware along with many other things that must be done after successful malware disinfection. For example, it also allows you to remove the system restore points as they could contain copied of malware, activate the UAC and reset various system settings to their default values.

DelFix is a portable software, so you can launch it soon after the download is complete. It gives you options to activate UAC, remove the disinfection tools, create registry backup, purge system restore and reset system settings. Of these options, you should check at least the options to remove the disinfection tools and purge the system restore. After selecting the options, you can click on the Run button to proceed.


The completion of all the tasks may take a while, so you can sit back and relax. During the removal of disinfection tools it looks for over a hundred different tools popular in various malware removal forums. This also makes sure that if at any later time you have to use one or more of these disinfection tools, then you can download the latest version.

Conclusion: After successful removal of malware from your PC, you can remove the disinfection tools used with the help of the DelFix tool. Moreover, it can also backup your Windows registry, purge the older system restore points and reset system settings back to their default values.

You can download DelFix tool from