Cover Printer : Print Properly Sized CD/DVD/Blueray Covers

I often download software CD/DVD ISO images from the internet and burn them on blank optical media. For example, I have many Ubuntu and Mint Linux CD’s. But without proper DVD covers they all look so barren. Fortunately, you can get the CD/DVD cover images from the internet and print them on your printer. But if you print them using the free Cover Printer software which can not only print correct sized covers but also can print small lines to guide you the places on the paper where you should cut it from and fold it from. This way you can have a perfect sized CD/DVD cover for your optical media collection.

Cover Printer is a portable software application that runs on Windows. As you run it, it detects all the installed printers and their default paper size so that it can be used to properly size the DVD covers. In the Cover Printer application, you can choose a cover style from the drop-down list (DVD cover complete image, DVD cover split into three images, double-DVD covers, slim DVD covers, Blueray DVD covers and more). Once you have selected the type of cover, you can then select the image for that cover. If you do not have the cover image, then you can google for it.

Cover Printer

You can rotate the cover to left or right and choose various print options (for example, you can choose to print cut-guidelines). You do not have to waste the printer ink and printing paper. Instead of sending the cover directly to the printer, you can check how it would look by clicking on the Preview button. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can print the cover, cut it and use as the CD/DVD cover.

Conclusion: Cover Printer allows you to print perfectly sizes CD/DVD/Blueray disk covers. Additionally, it can also print the markings on the cover to help you with folding and cutting of the printed page.

You can download Cover Printer from