Enable PC Style Keyboard in Android Lollipop

When entering passwords or typing something that involves repeated entry of numerals in Android smartphone, we have to switch back and forth between different layouts of the keyboard. This becomes a little annoying after some time especially when you are working on documents that require entry of numeric data. If you can afford to keep a mini keyboard with you and attach it to your Android smartphone via the OTG cable, then it is the best. But you cannot carry OTG keyboards everywhere and in these situations you can benefit from the PC style of keyboard in Android Lollipop.

The PC style layout of the keyboard shows an extra row of keys on the top for digits, minus, equal etc, just as you would expect from your regular keyboard that you use in desktop or notebook computers. This makes entry of numerals a little easier. You can enable this PC style layout of keyboard in Android Lollipop in the following manner:

  1. Open Android settings, select Language & Input option and then Android Keyboard or Google Keyboard. For any other types of keyboard this method may not work.Android PC Style Keyboard
  2. In the keyboard settings, choose Appearance & layouts and the Custom input styles.Android PC Style Keyboard
  3. On the Custom input styles screen, touch the small plus icon to add a new style. In the add new style dialog, choose a language of your choice (I selected English (US) but you can select any local language) and choose the layout as PC. Touch Add to add this new layout.Android PC Style Keyboard
  4. Go back to keyboard settings, this time choose Languages. On the list of languages, de-select Use system language and then select the new layout that we have just added.Android PC Style Keyboard
  5. That’s it. Now you can open any app that requires input from keyboard (for example, your web browser), and it will show the new PC style layout of the keyboard where you can readily enter the numerals.Android PC Style Keyboard

Conclusion: If you have to type a large number of numeric data using your Android keyboard, then you can switch to the PC style layout and quickly enter the digits without having to switch back and forth to different keyboard layouts.