Phone2Location : Know Geo Location of Phone Numbers in Android

Scam calls are nothing new and is are old as the phones themselves. Fraudsters call your phone posing as someone important and demand you to share your financial details or send them some money. These scams can be put to rest if you only knew where a called is calling you from. For example, I received a call from a mobile number located in Minnesota – the called was posing as the local police officer and demanded my credit card information for filing that taxes. Fortunately, I had Phone2Location installed, so I knew that this is not usual for a local police authority to call me from a different state over a mobile number.

You can also find out the geo-location of the phone numbers using which people are calling you or sending you text messages. When Phone2Location is installed in your Android smartphone, you will be shown a popup message telling you about the caller’s location as soon as you receive a phone call. Similarly, it tells you about the location when you receive a new text message.


Not only it provides you with the geo-location of the new calls and messages, but it can also show you the locations of all the recent phone calls and messages. It can even tell you the possible locations of the phone numbers stored in the contacts list of your phone. You can also list all the phone numbers sorted by the name of their locations. In addition, it also allows you to block any numbers that are annoying you.


Conclusion: Phone2Location can tell you about the geo-location of all the phone numbers from which you are receiving phone calls or text messages. You can also find the possible location of all the numbers in the phone book and block the phone numbers as you wish.

You can get Phone2Location app for Android from