Play Nintendo GameCube Games in Windows with Dolphin Emulator

It is a little hard to imagine but some of our memories are linked to the various computing technologies that are no longer in use today. I have heard many times my parents speak of floppy disks and all the funny things that happened when using these disks. Similarly, whenever my older brother visits me, he brings his old Nintendo GameCube, attaches it to the TV and starts playing games that we used to enjoy as kids – Sonic Adventure, Sonic Mega Collection, Super Mario and many more. Although we have played these games zillions of games, the sweet memories associated with them still bring tears of happiness in our eyes.

Dolphin Emulator for Nintendo GameCube

If you also want to have a taste of that joyful feeling of playing Nintendeo GameCube games even if you have thrown away your console box or if it has become nonfunctional, then you can make use of the free and open-source Dolphin emulator. This emulator software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It can run all the games designed for Nintendeo GameCube or Nintendo Wii consoles. All you need is a game ISO file but that you can make using a software like ISO Toolkit.

Once your game disk’s ISO file is ready, you can open it in the Dolphin Emulator and click on the Play button to enjoy the game in your PC. If it throws up some type of errors, then you can choose a different type of graphics to be used – OpenGL, DirectX, D3D11, Software Emulator etc. For using the DirectX, you need the latest version of DirectX installed in your Windows system.

Dolphin Emulator for Nintendo GameCube

The Dolphin Emulator is full of options through which you can change the audio, graphics, and the controller settings to suit your PC hardware. It even supports new game Bluetooth based game controllers so that you can enjoy playing your old GameCube games comfortably from your couch.

Conclusion: Dolphin Emulator makes it possible to play Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your computer running Windows, Linux or Mac. It supports latest graphics cards and game controllers so you can comfortably enjoy old games in HD resolution.

You can download Dolphin Emulator from