Enable or Disable SmartLock Auto Sign-In Feature in Android Lollipop

Google has unveiled yet another useful feature for all the Android users for easy management of passwords on the smartphone. This new feature is going be a part of the newer version of Android – Android 6.0 or Android M. But for now the Android Lollipop users can also enjoy this password manager from Google through the Google Play Services update. This password manager is going to become a part of the SmartLock feature already present in Android Lollipop that enables you to unlock the Android device through trusted devices, faces, voice etc.

The Google Play Services update version 7.5 contains the new SmartLock password manager in it and you just have to wait for the update to arrive in your smartphone. The impatient ones can also try to manually update the Google Play Services via the Google Play Store, but it is not recommended. Once it is updated, you can choose to enable or disable the Auto Sign-in feature of SmartLock in the following manner:

  1. After the Google Play Services update, you can open Google Settings in your Android Lollipop phone. The shortcut to Google Settings can be found in the apps drawer where all other apps have their shortcuts too.
  2. On the Google Settings screen, you have to select SmartLock Passwords option given near the very lower end of the screen.SmartLock Auto Sign-in
  3. The next screen that opens, lets you choose the preferences for SmartLock Passwords. You can toggle on or off the Auto Sign-in feature as well as allow the passwords for apps and sites to be saved to your connected Google account.

If you disable the Auto Sign-in option in the SmartLock password manager, then Android will not automatically sign-in you into various apps or web sites. Instead it will ask you for confirmation for signing in to these sites or apps every time you open them.

Conclusion: The new SmartLock password manager feature in Android lets you automatically sign-in to various apps and sites using the previously saved login information. But you can easily toggle this Auto Sign-in option off in the Android Lollipop.