Free Up Memory with Super Task Killer for Android

Unless you have invested in a high end Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy, Huawei honor, Asus Zenphone etc., chances are that you are stuck with a smartphone having only 1 GB of RAM. As the time passes by, the newer Android apps are making use of more and more RAM available on the smartphones and your older phone might not be able to handle all these memory hungry apps all at the same time. So if your phone seems to become a little slower, then the possible reason could be the large number of background processes and apps running in it. Such background processes not only make the phone slower, but they also eat away the battery charge quickly.

The Super Task Killer app for Android can boost your phone’s performance by terminating the apps running in the background and freeing up the RAM. It also has a battery saver module that can change the settings of your Android phone and make the battery last much longer that it usually does.

Super Task Killer

As you launch the app, it shows all the apps running in the background and how much memory can be freed up by terminating these apps. You can just touch the One-Tap-Boost button and it will free up memory by killing all the selected apps.

In addition to the Phone Boost, it also features a Battery Saver module. You can choose super saving, normal or custom modes for the Battery Saver. In these modes, it changes the settings for screen brightness, screen timeout, WiFi, Bluetooth, data, auto-sync and vibrate in Android to reduce the battery consumption.

Super Task Killer

It also comes with an app manager, a network manager and a file manager – all of which do what their names suggest and have nothing special to be mentioned about. In the settings, you can enable auto-boost which kills the apps automatically after a pre-set period of time. This auto-boost feature should be used only if your phone is seriously not performing very well.

Super Task Killer

Conclusion: Super Task Killer can make your old and slow phone run exceptionally well if configured properly. It is able to both automatically kill the apps, kill them on demand and save the battery power by turning off unnecessary options in your Android phone.

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