Install New Android M Wallpapers in Lollipop or KitKat

It is very surprising that mobile phone manufacturers have not yet finished distributing the Lollipop updates to their existing smartphones and Google has announced yet another new version of Android – Android M. Google has even released a developer preview version of Android M for all the Google Nexus users. This developer preview ROM of Android M can be downloaded from the Google Android website. But if you do not want to sail in the uncharted waters, or you do not have a Nexus phone, then you can still give your existing phone a little bit of Android M like look.

Android M Wallpaper

The developer preview of Android M consists of the same ringtones and boot animations as the Lollipop. But it does come with one new wallpaper – the rest of the wallpapers are exactly same as those of Lollipop. This new wallpaper is available from XDA forums. But there is nothing special about the new wallpaper.

Perhaps this is why some enthusiasts have created their our own set of wallpapers consisting of four different wallpapers. You can download and install these custom Android M wallpapers in your older Android phone running on Android Lollipop, KitKat or even earlier versions.

The procedure of setting up the wallpaper is basically the same in all Android versions. You have to open the image, from menu select Set As Wallpaper, optionally choose to crop the image and you are all done.

You can download the new Android M wallpaper pack from